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There are two options for work exemption, one is to claim child sickness benefit on the basis of Section 45 of the German Social Code, Book V, and the other is to claim exemption in accordance with Section 56 (1 a) of the IfSG. The first option should be used as a priority. The same requirements apply to both types of leave and are independent of whether the work can be performed in home office. 

Entitlement based on § 45 SGB V

According to the Ministry's decision of 22.4.2021, parents can receive 30 days of child sickness benefit per child and parent from their health insurance fund until 31.12.21 (single parents accordingly up to 60 days). This also applies if daycare centers and schools are closed and the child is not ill.

Entitlement on the basis of Section 56 (1 a) IfSG

Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements may be granted up to 34 working days (half days in the case of a five-day week, additional days in cases of hardship/single parents 67 days) off from work for the purpose of childcare, with continued payment of remuneration in accordance with Section 21 of the TV-L, subject to the following conditions (days already used from 2020 will not be counted):   

-facility such as daycare center/school is closed   

-children to be cared for are under 12 years of age or are disabled and dependent on assistance   

-alternative care for the child or children cannot be ensured.

In consultation with the supervisor, home office should be given priority. Positive working time balances (overtime, extra hours and flexitime credits) must be reduced as a matter of priority. In particular, written proof is required that the school or daycare center does not offer emergency care.If emergency care is offered that can be used by the parents, an exemption cannot be granted in accordance with the Ministry.A justification as to why child care cannot be provided during home office hours must be included. If there is a recommendation from the Department/facility not to bring child(ren) to the facility, this is tantamount to closing the facility. In addition, goodwill arrangements should be found for employees with families and childcare responsibilities. These regulations are valid at least until 4.6.2021 or the announcement of a new decision.

Caring relatives

At least until June 30th, 2021, leave with continued payment of remuneration shall be granted for up to 20 working days per close relative in need of care if the acute care situation is related to the COVID 19 pandemic and care cannot be ensured in any other way, e.g. due to the official closure of an inpatient care facility or the failure of an outpatient care service until the end of 2021. See the ministry circular  dated April 9th,  2021.



An interim financial aid for German and foreign students in pandemic-related emergency situations can be applied for at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) until September 30th, 2021.


Consultations can take place by telephone, e-mail or video conference (via the mentoring marketplace) by arrangement.


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Do you have any children? Do you want to combine your family life with your studies or your job? We at TUK would like to help you to manage a good work-life balance. For our efforts, we have already been honoured as a family-friendly university since 2005. 


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