Parents at TUK enjoy the parent-child room, which simplifies bringing children to work or study. Parents are provided with a PC workstation, children of all ages can play and rest in and outdoors.The room also offers a change-table and gives the room to breastfeed. A parent-child parking space is provided for users in front of building 57. For access information to the parking, please contact the Family Service Office.



Grand Opening: New parent child room in building 76

We are pleased to be able to offer you another parent-child room (EKZ) in the LASE building (Geb.76/231) with immediate effect. This was lovingly designed by the interior designer Eva Stidtgen of EstiDesign and the Family Service Office with the concept "Forest" in reference to the proximity of the TUK to the Palatinate Forest.  We would like to thank the very generous donation of SFB Spin+ X, which made the creation of the room possible. The EKZ offers you and your family an appealing environment to pursue your work with child.





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