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The BFSFJ offers the “Family Benefits Information Tool” - With the help of this digital service, parents(-to-be) and families can find out, by entering only a few details, which family benefits and other support services are available to them.

TUK awards funds to support single students with children as well as single pregnant students. These funds are intended to meet the special needs of single students with children (e.g. contribution to childcare costs) or single pregnant students (e.g. initial equipment).

Amount: EUR 100 monthly

Application/Term: anytime until the end of the year (follow-up application possible)

Consultation: required

Applications and information can be obtained from the Family Service Office. You will find a checklist of all needed documents here.

The re-entry scholarship serves the purpose of supporting female scientists who wish to resume their qualification after family leave. The scholarship is granted for one year. In justified cases, the scholarship can then be extended once. In cases of personal hardship, a graduation scholarship for up to six months can also be granted. The scholarship amounts to EUR 1,000 if the doctorate is sought and EUR 1,300 if the candidate qualifies for a professorship. In addition, and irrespective of the family income, monthly allowances of EUR 150 for one child, EUR 200 for two children, EUR 250 for three and EUR 300 for four children and more are paid.


  • University degree or doctorate with above-average results;
  • Interruption of scientific activity due to family care work for a maximum of five years before acceptance of the scholarship;
  • Priority re-entry to continue and complete a research project that has already been started at a university in Rhineland-Palatinate with the aim of further qualification for a professorship or the completion of a doctorate.

Applications are to be submitted to the head of the Gender Equality and Family Affairs Office (arrange a consultation appointment in good time!). The deadlines for submitting applications to the Ministry are 1. February and 1. August of each year.

Gender Equality and Family Affairs Office

Building 57, Room 273

Phone: +49 631 205 - 5902

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Age limits for BAföG

Bachelor: 30 years of age, Master: 35 years of age. However, there are the following exceptions for parents: the applicant has not started his or her education on time due to the upbringing of children up to 14 years of age. For this reason and in the case of pregnancy, the maximum funding period can be extended appropriately.

BAföG continues to be paid in the case of interruptions of up to 3 months (pregnancy or illness). Students who live with their children in the same household who have not yet reached the age of 14 are entitled to a childcare supplement  (currently EUR 150 per month upon application).

Leave of absence and BAföG

BAföG is not paid during a semester on leave.

Additional needs/allowance

BAföG only covers the costs arising in connection with education. Therefore, an additional need for students with children and pregnant women cannot be asserted. However, if students have their own income, which is credited to BAföG, the monthly allowance increases by EUR 290 for the students themselves, by EUR 570 for each child and by EUR 630 for their spouse or partner. The allowances for the spouse/partner and the children are each reduced by their income.

Graduation Loans

Support for graduates can be provided in the form of a governmental loan, also for foreign students who are supported in accordance with Sec. 8 BAföG. Information and forms are available from the department responsible for BAfög and scholarships.


Department for BAföG and scholarships

Gabriele Emmes

Phone: +49 631 205 - 3316

Helga Thiel

Phone: +49 631 205-2055

Further Information/forms relating to BAföG:


All services offered by Studierendenwerk are aimed at both German and foreign students. The offers are summarized in a list. Further information and application forms are available from the Studierendenwerk.

Studierendenwerk Kaiserslautern

Gerlinde Bernath

Building 30, Room 254

Phone: +49 631 205 - 4488

E-Mail: info(at)





Parents are entitled to parental allowance if they look after the child themselves and do not work more than 30 hours/week. The basic parental allowance is a wage replacement benefit, which is calculated on the basis of a staggered replacement rate of up to 65 per cent (depending on the income level), starting from the average net income 12 months before birth. The maximum is EUR 1,800 and the minimum is EUR 300. Parents who are not working receive the minimum amount; any income from part-time work is deducted from the parental allowance. 

Families who have more than one child are eligible for a sibling bonus, which increases the parental allowance by 10%, but at least by 75 € per month. The parental allowance is paid to father and mother for a maximum of 14 months; both can freely share the period among themselves. One parent may claim a maximum of twelve months for himself, two further months are granted if there is no income during this period and the other parent participates in the care of the child. Single parents are entitled to parental allowance for 14 months.

The parental allowance plus (ElterngeldPlus) pays off more when family and career are shared as partners, as parents are supported by a partnership bonus and flexible working arrangements and both return to work at an early stage, part-time, and provide for family income. Parents who work part-time are entitled to parental allowance plus for 28 months and receive half of the monthly basic parental allowance.  

A partnership bonus entitles each parent to four additional parental allowance Ppus months. This is subject to the condition that both take care of the child together for four consecutive months and that both work between 25 and 30 hours a week. The basic parental allowance can be combined with the parental allowance plus.


Kaiserslautern district administration (Kreisverwaltung Kaiserslautern)

Jugendamt Elterngeldstelle

Clerk's phone: +49 631 7105 - 423

City of Kaiserslautern (Stadt Kaiserslautern)

Jugendamt Elterngeldstelle

Phone: +49 631 365 - 4669

Angelika Meigel
(letters M-Z)

Phone: +49 631 365 - 2669

Sites in German only:

Parental allowance in general

The BMFSFJ parental allowance calculator




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