Further offers and information for parents

Logo articles "Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs" are available free of charge from the Family Service Office. We offer baby hats and baby T-shirts in sizes 86 to 98, and a bib.

For older children we offer children's caps and T-shirts in sizes XS (size 104), S (size 110/116), M (size 122/128) and L (size 152).



The president personally greets all “new” parents with a welcome gift. The meeting offers parents an opportunity to communicate to university management their wishes regarding the reconciliation of family and job or their field of study.

The gift, compiled by the Gender Equality and Family Affairs Office, consists of a bib, a baby hat and T-Shirt with the imprint “Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs” (“Young Scientists”) and with the university logo, supplemented by information material about TUK's offers for families.

The welcome package is handed over twice a year (May/November) by the president.

In order to make sure that all parents-to-be can be reached, we look forward to receiving your message or announcing the measure to employees and fellow students.

Further information can be obtained from the Family Service Office.

Family Service Office

Leslie Schleese
building 57 , room 271

Tel.: +49 631 205-4323
E-Mail: schleese@verw.uni-kl.de

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