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More and more fathers dedicate themselves to their children, take part in childcare tasks and take parental leave (supported by parental benefits). Men are also opting for leave, reduced working hours and telework for family reasons.

The calendar “Living and Working at TUK 2019” contributes to the fact that the benevolent behaviour of superiors who support working fathers is presented positively and thus motivates for imitation.

Further measures are in planning.

The social scientific research and advisory institute SowiTra has collected operational experiences of fathers on parental leave and, based on this, has drawn up recommendations for action on how the world of work can be made more father-friendly and thus also more gender equitable.

The Väter-Experten-Netz Deutschland e.V. (VEND) [Fathers Expert Network Germany e.V. (VEND)] is a nationwide association of experts in the fields of education, research, consulting and journalism. The association has set itself the goal, among other things, of promoting the educational competence of fathers in the family and the equal rights of men and women. 

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