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Students with children have the possibility to apply for either leave semester (not in the first semester) or parental leave. Study and examination regulations provide for special regulations. With the help of the respective managing director of the faculty and the examination office, a flexible study plan can be agreed upon.

Pregnancy and/or upbringing of a child are regarded as grounds for taking so-called leave semesters. In the event of such an interruption of studies, BAföG payment is suspended. In this case, however, it is possible to apply for social assistance.

Leave semesters can be applied for by presenting the pregnancy record or the child's birth certificate:

Admissions and student records office (Studierendensekretariat)

Rita Ochsenreither

Building 47, Room 530

Phone: +49 631 205 2216


Taking parental leave at TUK means that you can study more flexibly and individually. Each parent is entitled to a total of 3 years, i.e. 6 semesters of parental leave. If you wish to take parental leave, you have to submit an application for parental leave to the examination office no later than 4 weeks before the date when you want to start your parental leave.

During parental leave, the following applies to you:

  • Parental leave shall not be included in the calculation of deadlines for the provision of coursework and examinations. Prerequisite is that the duration of the parental leave (possibly including maternity protection period) comprises at least 4 months of a single semester.
  • There is no obligation to participate in examinations. This applies to upcoming repetition attempts as well as to examinations for which there is a registration deadline for the first examination as determined by the examination regulations. 
  • You may take examinations. This requires timely registration of the relevant examinations (usually via QIS during registration period). 
  • Subject related semesters (vs. university semesters) will continue to be counted unless you take a leave of absence.

For further questions on examinations, please contact:

Examination office

Building 47, Rooms 310-332 and 430-432

Phone: +49 631 205 5252


During maternity leave, a student may voluntarily take part in examinations. This will be declared in writing to the examination office. Voluntary participation in courses will be notified in writing to the management of the faculty or to the student advisory service.  Even during parental leave, student parents may submit coursework. This should be coordinated with the examination office and the faculty's management. 

University examination office:
Department for student-related matters
Building 47, Rooms 310-332 and 430-432
Phone: +49 631 205 - 5252


Further information on study and doctoral regulations:

The study regulations can be found on the respective pages of the departments.
The doctoral regulations can be found here in German:

The current version of the Maternity Protection Act also applies to female students. Thus TUK is obliged to take into account the special protection needs of pregnant women. Female students are generally not required to notify TUK of their pregnancy. However, in the students' own interest we recommend doing so explicitly and at an early stage, because this is the only way we can provide comprehensive advice and avert any possible dangers that might arise for the expectant mother and the unborn child in good time and take the necessary protective measures. The first point of contact for communicating a pregnancy is the SSC on the ground floor of Building 47. Here you will receive comprehensive advice on, among other things, the effects of pregnancy, maternity leave and parental leave on attending lectures and taking examinations.

Student Service Centre (SSC)
Katrin Kuhnert
Building 47/Room 109
Phone: +49 631 205-5046

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