Mentoring for female first-year students

TUK offers a free mentoring project for female students of all departments in order to help first-year students in their first semesters to get started at the university and to lay the foundation for their future careers and career planning.


Seminar series “STUDY SUCCESSFULLY - SHAPE THE FUTURE” only for female students. Further information can be found here. Please note that most of the seminars are held in German!

As of now, applications for participating in the mentoring project of the winter semester 2022/23 can be submitted. Anyone interested can contact Christine Klein (mentoring(at), Tel: +49 631 205-4363).

The start of studies - often combined with a change of location - proves to be a major change for all students. Studying and therefore often living in one's first own apartment or living together in a shared apartment impose new demands on young people. Now independent organisation of the studies and planning of the scientific career are required. This is where mentoring comes in.

Freshers and students of the first semesters (so-called mentees) are supported by students of advanced semesters (so-called mentors). Ideally, this is a one-to-one relationship. For a large number of first-year students, one mentor may also provide support to several mentees. The “tandems” grouped in this way form the core of the mentoring project.

The mentor passes on her own experiences to the mentee and provides support and advice. The tandem meets regularly, at least monthly. In addition, they may also communicate by telephone or e-mail.
The relationship between mentor and mentee should be characterised by reliability, honesty, voluntariness, openness and discretion. Both of them communicate with each other on equal footing.

In principle, the duration of the mentoring relationship is limited to a maximum of two semesters. Of course, the individual tandems may decide for themselves whether they wish to maintain their tandems after the end of the mentoring period and in what form this will take place.


Find a tandem

After we have received your application documents, we will start looking for a suitable mentor. In a personal meeting you can first get to know each other before you finally decide on a tandem.

In the course of the semester

In addition, a varied supporting programme is offered. There are free seminars to acquire or expand interdisciplinary skills (soft skills). Seminar topics can be for example:

  • Learn how to study
  • Self-awareness - Self-assurance - Self-confidence
  • Rhetoric for winners: Strong communication skills ensure success!
  • Talking back - never again speechless
  • Present projects and ideas effectively
  • Passion, no Frustration

Please note that most of the seminars are held in German language!

For mentees

  • Personal support through their mentors
  • Development and acquisition of key qualifications
  • Exchange with fellow students
  • Integration into networks
  • Successful entry into studies

For mentors

  • Expansion of individual consulting competence
  • Expansion of individual contact network
  • Acquisition and development of relevant key qualifications
  • Passing on one's own experiences to first-year students
  • Reflecting on the course of studies to date
  • Further career planning

Christine Klein will be happy to answer any questions of those interested and to act as a contact person for mentors and mentees.

Christine Klein
building 57, room 264
phone: 0631 205-4363
fax: 0631 205-4322
E-Mail: mentoring(at)

Office hours: Mon + Tue 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and wed even weeks

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