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Gender Equality

In the past two decades, the TUK was able to extend the presence of females on all scientific levels- beginners, bachelor and Master students, graduates, scientific researchers, doctoral and habilitated candidates and professors. Nonetheless, highly qualified scientific women are lost at each step, a great loss of excellence and creativity. Several measures are in place to prevent this process:

  • The realization of gender equality at all levels
  • Removal of individual and structural disadvantages
  • Reduction of the quantitative lower number presence of females
  • Equal contribution opportunities for females in teaching, research, management
  • Placement of equal education and vocational opportunities, as also equal pay and career chances
  • Extension and institutionalization of women- and gender studies
  • Improvement of the reconciliation of work/study and family life
  • Enhancement of individuality in study, teaching and research for all female and male employees
  • An extensive cultural and structural change