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The Gender Equality and Family Affairs Office (SFGF)

The Gender Equality and Family Affairs Office (SFGF) is directly assigned to the president and supports the university management in fulfilling its tasks in accordance with § 2 Paragraph 1 Sentence 5 and Paragraph 2 HochSchG - complying with gender mainstreaming as well as promoting the effective enforcement of equal rights for women and men, contributing to the elimination of existing disadvantages.

Part of the SFGF is the Family Service Office. The SFGF is made up of the Head of the Office, her staff and two student assistants.

The head of the SFGF cooperates in particular with the Equal Equality Officers of the Departments and the Senate, as well as with the head of the Integration of the Gender Perspective in the Departments and the Senate Committee of Gender Equality. The head of the SFGF and the Gender Equality Officer of the Senate, who work together and coordinate their decisions, are members of the State Conference of the Rhineland-Palatinate University Women (LaKoF) and the Federal Conference of Women's Representatives and Equality Officers at Universities (BUKoF).


Tasks (in addition to the support of the University according to the Higher Education Act):

  • ·         establishing policies on equality between women and men
  • ·         studies on the situation of women at the University of Kaiserslautern, e.g. research               projects,    data analysis, evaluation
  • ·         initiation, supervision, and management of promoting women projects
  • ·         issuing opinions and recommendations on higher education policies and laws
  • ·         development of models/incentive systems to integrate the promotion of women in the funds and employment distribution concepts ( MBM and PBK )
  • ·         production of information and documentation materials
  • ·         answering queries and reports of the state on the gender equality order
  • ·         In charge of the implementation of the "audit family-friendly university "objectives
  • ·          etc.