Information on university operations during the Corona Pandemic

Current development at the TUK

Corona reporting portal

Corona reporting portal

Affected persons have to report as a suspect case, as a positively tested case and/or as a virus-free case under the link After logging in with your RHRK account, you will be forwarded to a web form where you can enter your data.



The protection of employees and students at the TUK is based on the consistent adherence to our hygiene and safety concept. Where this is guaranteed, any encounter with suspected or even indexed cases is usually classified as harmless by the health authorities and no special protective measures are required for the staff.

Case 1 Acute respiratory disease or unspecific symptoms of disease:

Normal procedure in case of illness (person should leave campus, normal sick-leave, if necessary sending AU certificate). The person should leave campus, contact the doctor himself/herself and clarify the further procedure.

Case 2 "Relevant contact" with Covid-19 positive person:

The intensity of the contact is decisive for relevance. For an initial assessment by supervisors/responsible persons, the classification of the RKI offers assistance, see

If the personal encounter lasted at least 15 minutes and compliance with the AHA-L rule at all times was not guaranteed or at least questionable, a "relevance" is to be assumed. This non-binding assessment by the supervisor is sufficient to request the person to leave the campus and contact the public health department. As long as the person is not ill, he or she should work in the home office if possible.

Case 1 and at the same time case 2 = "suspected case" Person must leave campus, immediately see the doctor and report to the TUK as a suspected case.

Suspect cases (quarantine either already ordered or still in clarification) and index cases:

The supervisors or responsible persons

  • check whether the hygiene and safety concept has been observed at the TUK in the personal handling of the suspicious/index case and whether special protective measures are to be taken for the work team, if necessary  
  • obtain advice from the company physician and/or the occupational safety specialists, if necessary 
  • provide contact tracing information on request via Department Z and await feedback from the Health Department on further action and quarantine if necessary. Communication between the TUK and the Health Department is handled by Department Z.

Information for students

The winter semester 2020/21 will be a hybrid semester at the TU Kaiserslautern. Further information can be found here.

In the student FAQs you will find answers to questions about the effects of the corona pandemic on your studies.

FAQ for on-campus students
FAQ for long distance students

These regulations and decisions were made on the basis of the current state of knowledge and knowledge of the applicable political framework.
Please note that these may change daily.


If you have any questions please contact us via mail.
Katrin Müller
Corporate Communication
Mail: corona(at)

From now on obligatory for the participation in events etc.

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