Department 5.5.3

Electronics Workshop 1



  • apparatus engineering
  • repairing electronic equipment and electrical appliances
  • building and connecting switchgears
  • designing and unbundling PCBs
  • calibration of measuring instruments
  • mounting and repairing SMDs on PCBs

In the electronics workshop 1 the developement projects and new constructions are build and brought into service. Changes and optimizations of commercial research instruments or existing test set-ups are also possible.

Also electronic equipment and electrical appliances of all kind are repaired, especially high-voltage and high-current devices,as well as high-frequency devices.

We also put together computers or upgrade your old computer.

The calibration of measurement instruments or safety-related checks on electronic equipment and electrical appliances can also be realized. Create PCB-Layouts (Eagle-Software). The mounting or repairing of SMD-PCB is ensued with the help of a modern SMD-mounting place.

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Building 45, room 257

Tel.: -2778

(in case of an emergency you can also visit us outside opening hours)


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