Department 5.5.1




  • analysing problems and designing circuits
  • creating circuit diagrams
  • constructioning electronic equipment
  • programming microcontrollers
  • supporting the workshop 

In the development of the department of electronics, we accomplish electronic developments for all faculties of the university or for all affiliated institutions.

The line of work extends itself from developing electronic assemblies and devices for control engineering through mesurement and sensor technology to programming microcontrollers (PIC, AVR etc.). A support for tasks in production data acquisition (Lab-View) is also possible.  

Order acceptance

Building 45, room 255

Tel.: -3152 or -4407



Latest development examples

  • wireless temperature detection on milling tools
  • wireless strain gage detection on rotating grinding disks
  • measurement of oxygen-concentration in heating cabinets
  • bus system for high-voltage modules
  • measurement data acquisition with SD memory cards and CF memory cards
  • high-current motor controller and valve timing controller for the automotive area
  • etc.

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