Department 5.5.4

Electronics Workshop 2



  • repair electronic equipment and electrical appliances
  • build electronic small equipment and assemblies
  • calculate and build electrical heaters
  • calculate and coil transformers and inductors
  • local service for laboratory equipment 
  • practical and theoretical training as an electronic technician for equipment and systems


The electronics workshop 2 repairs and offers preventive maintenance for electronic equipment and electrical appliances. Laboratory equipment (especially for the departments of Biology and Chemistry) can be repaired locally.

The setup of electronic small equipment and assemblies, the calculation and setup of inductors and electrical heaters belong to the assignment of the electronics workshop 2 such as services for computers.

In the apprenticeship workshop, which is in the electronics workshop 2 of the department of electronic, the trainees do their practical and theoretical training to become an electronic technician for equipment and systems normally there are 4 trainees recruited per year, the apprenticeship will take 3.5 years.

In the last year of the apprenticeship, the trainees do an internship at different departments of the university or affiliated institutions for 3 months.

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