FAQs: Online-application

Is it possible to apply to a field non-related to my subject/department?

Yes -> Please respect the following application period for applications which are outside your subject area: 22.02-15.03. (Before your application outside your subject area is not possible)

What should be considered first concerning an online-application?

First you must decide and clarify when you want to go abroad (winter- or summersemester) and how long you want to study abroad? (1 or 2 semesters).
Afterwards you should chose 2 -3 universities (selection of up to 5 universities is possible). By doing so, you increase your chance of getting a place within the Erasmus-program. 

What happens next after pushing the button "send application"?

After completion of the online-form and the subsequent data transmission, an email with a link will be automatically sent to the email-account mentioned in the online-form. Via the link in your email you will create your Login as well as your password.
After successful registration, you will receive another email with a link to our online-database "Mobility Online" for future access to the web-portal.

Which documents should be uploaded and where?

Only after filling in your standing data in the "Mobility Online"-Portal, you can upload the necessary documents. In general (apart from special requirements for several departments) these are:

  • Passport Photo
  • cover/motivation letter (as PDF, 1-2 pages, in german or english)
  • CV as PDF (optional for some departments)
  • recent transcript of records issued by the examination office (Please note: model for employer will NOT be accepted)
  • Your signed application form as PDF (will be generated within the application process)

What happens next after the succesfull upload of all the necessary documents?

The Department of International Affairs: ISGS will verify if your application documents are complete. Afterwards the Erasmus-coordinator will assess their content. 

What is the application deadline when the documents must be uploaded?

In general, all necessary documents should be uploaded until January 31.
(irrespective of the fact if you plan to go abroad during the winter or summersemester)
As the application deadline plays a very important role for several Departments, please pay attention to it!

Who decides on who will be granted an ERASMUS-place?

The Departments or/and the Erasmus-Coordinators

When will you receive a letter of acceptance/refusal?

If the respective department has established an official application deadline, letters of acceptance/refusal will be sent via email within 2-3 weeks after the application deadline.
Afterwards you can procede with the next steps in the pipeline (e.g. filling in your Learning Agreement in consultation with the Erasmus-coordinator)



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