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TU Kaiserslautern FIRST-RANKED 11 times in the International Student Barometer 2016

among 196 universities rated by 159,959 students worldwide

The International Student Barometer (ISB) 2016 is a global benchmarking tool which ranks the best universities on the basis of the rating of their own students. Among 196 universities which were rated by 159,959 students worldwide TU KL is first-ranked in 11 categories of the whole student-life-cycle. TU Kaiserslautern thus outperformed all participating international universities in the following categories:

SUPPORT SERVICES & its subcategories:

  • Department of International Affairs
  • Student Advisory
  • IT Support
  • Welcome Centre
  • Student Secretariat/Administration

ARRIVAL & its subcategories:

  • Registration
  • Admission Office

LIVING & its subcategories:

  • Living Cost
  • Accomodation Quality
  • Eco-friendly attitude
  • Visa Advice


  • 50 times TU KL reached a TOP 10 ranking position, from which 26 TOP 3-positions!
  • TU KL was ranked second in comparison to all 196 participating universities regarding the category "Overall Satisfaction"!

More information about the International Student Barometer can be found here.

More rankings on TU Kaiserslautern can be found here.




The ISGS is looking for an ENGAGED STUDENT, SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH (HIWI) in the field:

Design of Print & Online Media
More information about the job offer can be found here
Apply to: doktoranden@isgs.uni-kl.de

You can also perform a voluntary social year. Der beste Beginn hierfür ist jährlich im Zeitraum Juli/August. The best starting time is yearly in July/August. More information all-the-year via: isgs[at]isgs.uni-kl.de or on ISGS-FSJ-Poster.

Impressions of past ISGS events and workshops can be found in our Photo Gallery