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Towards the end of one's studies or research activities many questions concerning the future professional career arise. The Department of International Affairs: ISGS wants to accompany its international Master & PhD Students on their way from university to labour market by pointing out options of further education and personal development.  The ISGS Career Service aims at facilitating your job entry in the German Business context by offering the following services:

Dr.-Ing. Parya Memar, Managing Director of the Department of International Affairs: ISGS, offers individual counseling concerning the question how to finance research or further education.

For appointments, please contact:

Phone: ++49 (0)631 205 4998
E-Mail: isgs(at)

ISGS conveys announcements regarding job & traineeship offers via:

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Helping you to acquire necessary scientific & academic skills to boost your degree for your upcoming job entry, ISGS offers further education workshops & seminars on a regular basis:

For all upcoming professional trainings please check our ISGS-Event-Calender!

With its series on job-finding and job-application the International School for Graduate Studies (ISGS) sets the following aims:

  • Integration of international students into university and German society through work
  • Support of an international career for graduates of the University of Kaiserslautern preparing them for an application on the global market
  • Flexible & effective use of the English & German language for application purposes

Corresponding to these various aims, the series consists of different multi-tool activities:
Experts teach the theoretical basics in seminars, in interactive workshops work-tasks have to be fulfilled by the participants and individual meetings and group discussions provide the chance of advancing one’s own self-presentation.

For the next Job Application Series please refer to the ISGS Calender!

After finishing studies many of the graduates have no real idea about working life. Especially the thoughts about the payment will lead into confusion. In order to help graduates finding their way to working life we arranged some statistics on how the companies in germany will normally pay you.

Average gross starting salary for graduates in Germany in 2013:

The following chart is sorted by departments:

Computer Science (with PhD)50.000 €
Law46.000 €
Industrial Engineering44.000 €
Engineering44.000 €
Computer Science42.000 €
Economics41.000 €
Food Chemistry36.000 €
Language- & Cultural Studies33.000 €

(Source:, HIS, IG Metall, PersonalMarkt. © Statista 2013)

Graduates' salaries in 2011:

The following chart is sorted by degrees:

Bachelor44.000 €
Master46.500 €
Diploma44.400 €
Trainee42.500 €
PhD52.500 €

(Source: Kienbaum Managment Consultants 2012)

Engineering salaries in 2012:


Aviation & Aerospace industry45.000 €46.000 €46.375 €
Electrial Engineering44.000 €45.900 €45.000 €
Mechanical Engineering45.000 €45.000 €45.000 €
Chemistry42.000 €42.000 €44.789 €
Consulting38.000 €40.400 €40.000 €
Construction41.000 €41.000 €41.000 €
Engineering Services40.000 €40.500 €41.000 €
IT Services36.000 €40.000 €40.000 €
Computer Manufacturer38.000 €40.000 €40.000 €

(Source: alma matter Gehaltsstudie 2012)



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