Application Deadlines - International Master Programs

Electrical & Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology, Advanced Quantum Physics:



Oct. 31Summer termOrientation Course starts onMarch 1
April 30Winter termOrientation Course starts onAug. 15

Jan 15/ July 15:

Only for applicants for Computer Science & Advanced Quantum Physics, who don’t require visa, e.g. if you are already living in Germany

Commercial Vehicle Technology (CVT), Cognitive Science


April 30Winter term OK-Course starts onAug.15

July 15:
Only for applicants for Cognitive Science, who don’t require visa, e.g. if you are already living in Germany

European Master in Embedded Computing Systems (EMECS)


Jan.31Winter termOK-Course starts onAug.15

European Master in Software Engineering (EMSE)


Jan. 31Winter termOK-Course starts onAug.15

For Distance Learning Programs





  • Deadlines apply to applicants with an international Bachelor Degree (i.e. not from Germany)
  • If your country of origin is one of the European Union Countries (EU-Region) the deadline might be different (in this case please refer to isgs(at)
  • As application deadlines can vary from program to program, please check the specific information provided for your selected study program! For further questions refer to isgs(at)
  • Overview Application Deadlines as pdf-version

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