Why Kaiserslautern?

There are many reasons that make it worth choosing Kaiserslautern as your new home for studying, learning, enhancing your academic horizon:

  • TU Kaiserslautern is the only University of Technology & Science in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and the only university in a UNESCO biosphere reserve
  • TUK has gained high reputation in science, technology & industry in only a short period of time and holds top positions in Germany’s university rankings
  • The University has a large diversity of over 100 research- & future-oriented study programs in innovative fields such as Embedded Intelligence etc.
  • TUK offers excellent & application-oriented education with modern infrastructure & high-quality facilities surrounded by the healthy environment of the Palatinate forest
  • Industrial internships guarantee an education closely linked to professional practice
  • A large number of internationally renowned research institutes all of which are situated either directly on or nearby the campus and closely cooperate with the university in the field of applied research
  • Excellent support & guidance for all students from the beginning of their studies up to their graduation and even beyond
  • Take a closer look at the features of TU Kaiserslautern in our information leaflet"Why Kaiserslautern"

Read up on the personal opinions  of international students and how they benefited from studying in Kaiserslautern. Studying at TUK will give you more than a graduate degree - it is an extraordinary experience for students from all across the globe and a great stepping stone for your future career and life.

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