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IAA 2018 Commercial Vehicles: TU Kaiserslautern qualifies international experts in commercial vehicle technology

Lucero Florez Ibañez und Rohan Ravindra Gugale. Picture: TUK/Koziel

Whether autonomous trucks or innovative electric drives for buses - there are many fields of research in commercial vehicle technology. The international Master's degree programme “Commercial Vehicles Technology” at the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (TUK) provides the necessary tools for this. Lucero Florez Ibañez from Mexico and Rohan Ravindra Gugale from India have also selected this programme. Both particularly appreciate the interdisciplinary character of computer science, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. At the International Motor Show (IAA) Commercial Vehicles in Hanover from 20 to 27 September, the TUK will present the range of courses on offer at the research stand (Hall 13, Stand A28).

The combination of mechanical, computer and electrical engineering was why Lucero Florez Ibañez and Rohan Ravindra Gugale had considered the Master programme. “This is the perfect mix,” says Gugale, who had previously completed a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in his home country. “In the future, most innovations in vehicle design will certainly come from information technology and electrical engineering. We are very well prepared for the labour market here,” he continues. His fellow student has a similar view. “The degree programme is tailored to commercial vehicle technology, a concept of which can hardly be found anywhere else,” says the 31-year-old Lucero Ibañez, who is currently working on so-called “Test-Suite Reduction” in her master thesis in computer science. The aim of her work is to reduce the time and computing power of software tests while at the same time ensuring the quality of the computer programme.

Ibañez especially appreciates the good support on the Kaiserslautern campus. “The professors always lend an ear and I also had help in finding accommodation,” says the prospective engineer. Another advantage is that the TUK cooperates closely with renowned research institutes near the campus and the relevant industry. Internships also provide an insight into the day-to-day work of large technology companies.

Both agree that those who decide for this degree programme must be ready to invest their time in learning. “Nothing works without discipline,” continued the 24-year-old Gugale, who recently began his master's thesis at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering. He focuses on machine learning and develops a method that will in future control autonomous vehicles at an intersection in such a way that traffic lights would no longer be necessary.

After their studies they both want to work in industry, and their chances are good. This is because graduates are sought-after experts in the commercial vehicle technology. Fabio Bayerl, Brazilian with German roots and graduate of the Master's programme, also already had contact with his current employer during his studies. Since spring of this year, he has been Technical Account Manager at the ceramics and special glass manufacturer Corning in Wiesbaden and, among other things, supports the development of products that are specifically tailored to customer requirements. “My studies prepared me very well for this,” says Bayerl. “Above all, interdisciplinary education facilitates the acquisition and combination of skills from different areas.”

General information on the Master's Programme “Commercial Vehicles Technology” (CVT)

The four-semester degree programme is placed at the interface of mechanical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering and social sciences. It is unique in its form and conveys knowledge from the areas that are important for commercial vehicle technology. The programme is very practice-oriented. The teaching languages are German and English. Each year, hundreds of prospective students from all over the world apply for the currently 60 places.

The programme is coordinated by the Graduate School Commercial Vehicles Technology, which also takes care of doctoral training. The school is part of the Commercial Vehicle Alliance, which also includes the Centre for Commercial Vehicle Technology (ZNT), in which more than 150 researchers from more than 13 faculties in computer science, electrical engineering, information technology and mechanical engineering work together on an interdisciplinary basis.

Those interested in the Master's programme should have a Bachelor's degree in automotive engineering, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering or similar subjects. Studies always start in the winter semester. Prospective students from abroad may apply until April 30, students from Germany until August 31.

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