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Child Learning and Learning Disabil (Master of Arts)


Learning and developmental disorders that result in under performance in school are a widespread problem. According to expert estimates, eight to ten percent of primary school children are affected by persistent learning difficulties that result in performance deficiencies at school. In many cases also the exceptionally gifted children fail to realize their full potential and are left behind in terms of scholastic achievement. In practice, state of the art research into causal factors and effective support and prevention measures are inadequately implemented. In light of the serious consequences of underperforming in school for future educational and professional opportunities and social participation for those affected and also because of the resulting social costs, there is a very great need for qualified specialists, who can contribute to bridging the gap between research and practice in the field of learning and developmental needs. Participants in the 'Child Psychology: Learning and Learning Disabilities' distance learning program acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to fill this need.