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Program of studies

Economy and Management (Master of Arts)


To run their medical equipment, hospitals, clinics and large practices require specialists fully trained in the basics of modern medicine and operation of high-tech medical devices. This opens up a highly interesting field of work for engineers or scientists that are also trained in medical physics. Their solid university education just needs to be supplemented with the necessary interdisciplinary specialist knowledge in medicine and physics here. This makes them the ideal partner to physicians using high-grade medical equipment. Alongside potential for working at medical facilities, further fields of application include research and development of medical equipment and procedures, testing, monitoring and maintenance, as well as sales, training, etc.

The course conveys the necessary scientific knowledge in the field of medical physics, tailored to the individual, professional requirements of this career path and with key focuses in the areas of medical radiation physics, medical laser physics and medical image processing. The course concludes with the academic grade 'Master of Science' (MSc).


Possible combinations

Medical Radiation Physics, Medical Laser Physics, Medical Image Processing