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Program of studies

Medical Physics and Engineering (Master of Engineering)


This extra-occupational distance learning certificate course, which has been offered by DISC since 1994, is designed as a certificate program. While this course is shorter than the 'Medical Physics' distance learning Master's degree, it requires a high level of knowledge in the technical/scientific field. Anyone wishing to participate in the course must therefore have already successfully completed a Master's degree or equivalent from a university (in contrast to the 'Medical Physics' distance learning degree, which can taken with just a Bachelor's degree).

The course conveys the necessary scientific knowledge in the field of medical physics and engineering, tailored to the individual, professional requirements of this career path and with key focuses in the areas of medical radiation physics, medical laser physics and medical image processing. Upon successful completion of the course, a graded university certificate is issued by the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.

Possible combinations

Medical Radiation Physics, Medical Laser Physics, Medical Image Processing