With the enrollment you have an account and an associated e-mail address at the RHRK (Regional University Computer Center).

Please note that we only use your RHRK e-mail address for electronic communications!

To the students of TU Kaiserslautern!

All relevant information for students that has been collected so far, can be found here:


Furthermore, we would like to inform you, that in order to reduce personal contact and risk of infection, all consulting services will only be available by E-Mail or telephone as of now. This includes the Student Service Center SSC, which is closed starting 17.03.2020. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Here you will find the contact persons.

Certificates and inability to take exams

Due to the high workload of the medical practices as a result of corona infections, it has been agreed with the Medical District Association that from now on and until 30.06.2020 there is the possibility to contact the doctor by telephone and clarify your state of health. During the telephone conversation, the doctor can decide whether you are unable to take the examination. In such cases, the template provided  by the Subdivision Distance Student Affairs should be used. You can send the form you have completed to the doctor's office by e-mail or have it sent to the doctor's office by a known and healthy person. Your data should be entered by you so that a correct allocation can be made when processing in the Subdivision Distance Student Affairs.

If the doctor certifies that you are medically unfit to take the examination, the form will be completed by the doctor and the original will be sent either directly to the TUK or to you for forwarding to the Subdivision Distance Student Affairs  The postal address can be found on the form itself.

Important note: Furthermore, no certificate of incapacity to work will be accepted.




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