Registration for examinations

In order to take part in examinations, including repeat examinations, registration is mandatory. Registration takes place on certain dates.

The general registration period for the examination phase within each semester is as follows:

•    16.11. to 16.12. during the winter semester and
•    16.05. to 16.06. during the summer semester

However, there may be special regulations (deadlines/registration process/contact persons) for your own degree program.
You can find information about those special procedures here

Please note:

  • Examinations cannot be assessed without registration.
  • Failure to register/participate may result in an examination being deemed failed. This can also lead to the loss of the examination entitlement in the corresponding degree programme.
  • Please note that there may be changes (dates, rooms, rules of conduct) due to corona hygiene restrictions. Please inform yourself regularly, especially before an exam, by checking your RHRK email address and here: Information on the coronavirus - TU Kaiserslautern (

First registration

The first registration takes place personally at the Examination Office. A completed registration form is to be brought along for registration. The corresponding forms can be found here.

Examination registrations

From the 2nd semester onwards or in advanced semesters, the registration for the examinations is usually made via QIS (self-service function).

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