Region and City

University priority area "Region and City"

The university priority area "Region and City" was established at the TU Kaiserslautern in 2008 as part of the research initiative of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Serving as a platform for conceptual scientific discussion as well as practical and political advice, its members deal with current topics and forward-looking issues of spatial structural development on an international, national, regional and municipal level with a specific focus on rural regions.

Through its innovations and impulses, spatial science research in the field of urban and regional development can provide important contributions to dealing with current, spatially relevant development trends. The focus of the research cooperation is on the analysis and discussion of development processes in societal, economic, ecological and social terms, such as demographic change and increasing societal individualisation, the increasing municipal and regional competition for business locations and residential population in the course of globalisation, or climate change.

The objectives are the derivation of resulting needs for action as well as the discussion and development of conceptual and action-oriented approaches to spatial development and their transfer into practice in the form of administrative, economic and political consulting.

The long-term objective is to establish a research and consulting centre for urban and regional development, which focuses on conceptual spatial science discussions as well as practical and political consulting in current topics of regional and municipal development.

In order to deal with the complex issues associated with these subjects in a cross-sectional manner, the expertise represented at the TU Kaiserslautern from the departments of spatial and environmental planning, civil engineering, economics and social sciences work together in an interdisciplinary research network.

In addition to carrying out research projects on the mentioned main subject areas, the members of "Region and City" are also concerned with strengthening the transfer of their results to other research institutions as well as to politics and planning practice, e.g. through conferences and workshops.

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