Excellence Initiative

The Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments is intended to strengthen Germany as a center of scientific and academic excellence in a sustainable manner. Since 2007, the Technische Univerität Kaiserslautern is funded in this prestigious program through its participation in the Graduate School of Excellence Materials Science in Mainz (MAINZ).

Graduate School of Excellence MAINZ

The design of new (multi-)functional materials based on polymers and other materials with new properties is the scientific focus of the Graduate School of Excellence MAINZ (Materials Science in Mainz). Highly qualified graduate students from Germany and abroad have the opportunity to do their Ph.D. studies in an interdisciplinary environment on the highest scientific level.

The educational program comprises excellent scientific and technical training, as well as a comprehensive training program for developing key personal competencies (“soft skills”) called Training for Life.

Funding for the Graduate School was acquired by TUK together with Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz as coordinating partner, with participation by the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research.

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