Advanced Materials Engineering (AME)

Development and use of new materials

The development and application of new materials is of major importance in all areas of life. Today, high and ultra-high strength steels, light metal alloys, composites, and hybrid materials form the foundation for the manufacture of all modern vehicles - air or water, on rails or on wheels. 

Lightweight constructions would not be feasible without these materials.  Smart fabrics, filter materials, and materials in particle form have become essential in all areas of everyday business. Modern wind and water resistant fabrics, for example, are used in outdoor clothing, sleeping bags, and tents. Filter materials are key in the chemical manufacturing processes as well as for everyday items like air conditioners or smoke and odor filters.

Advanced Materials Engineering (AME) is a priority research activity that creates the conditions for a high performance interdisciplinary research alliance with the aim of achieving the optimal cross-disciplinary coordination of experiments, models, and simulations.

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