Steering Committee Research

The Steering Committee Research advises the University Leadership on research matters. It is composed of five members appointed by the President with relevant experience in coordinated research funding programmes and three members (including deputies) with comparable backgrounds appointed by the departments.

Current members of the Steering Committee Research

Appointed by the President:

Prof. Dr. Martin Aeschlimann

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Hasse

Prof. Dr. Ralf Korn

Prof. Dr. Ekkehard Neuhaus

Prof. Dr. Gereon Niedner-Schatteburg

For the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics:

Prof. Dr. Michael Fleischhauer (Speaker, Deputy:  Prof. Dr. Wolfram Decker)

For the Departments of Civil engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical and Process Engineering:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Wehn (Deputy: Prof. Dr. Karsten Berns)

For the Departments of Architecture, Spatial and Environmental Planning, Social Sciences, Business Studies and Economics:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gabi Troeger-Weiß (Deputy: Prof. Dr. Thomas Lachmann)


The speaker and all members are available for suggestions and information on the work of the Steering Committee Research.

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