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Early Admissions

TU Kaiserslautern facilitates self-study preparation prior to the start of the regular semester courses. This is achieved within the framework of distance learning, the so-called early admissions programme. This can be initiated even before the start of the official term, for example, during the last year of secondary school, or after a voluntary year of service or semester abroad.

Those using the early admissions option receive a valuable insight into the special subject area and an easier transition to their university studies. The examinations taken during this time can be credited to subsequent in-class courses, thereby shortening the resident study time. However, no credit is awarded for a failed examination and the semester does not count towards graduation.

Early admission is possible to the following departments:

• Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mathematics (FiMS)
Physics (FiPS)

Upon enrollment, early admission students are granted student status at the TU Kaiserslautern and therefore, besides the costs of course materials for the correspondence courses, they are also expected to pay the associated social contribution fee.

Early admission without an A-level (secondary school) qualification

Gifted and talented students can apply to TU Kaiserslautern prior to earning their A-levels (German Abitur). Applicants are required to submit a letter of recommendation.