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Special Activities for Girls

Even today, a disproportionate number of girls in Germany decide on “typically female” professions and courses of study. Thus they do not exploit their full potentials for professional development. For this reason, TU Kaiserslautern supports special activities for school girls in order to familiarize them with professional fields of the natural and engineering sciences. In addition, the TU draws the attention of people to the strengths of girls and opens up far reaching future perspectives for a well educated generation of young women.

Girls' Day

Girls’ Day − the day of girls’ futures” is held throughout Germany in April of each year with events for over 100,000 girls. At TU Kaiserslautern, school girls in the fifth grade and higher grades can, on the basis of concrete examples in various workshops, find out for themselves how interesting and exciting technical and semi-technical topics can be.

School Girls' Day

School Girls’ Day” likewise affords girls the opportunity to inform themselves of the natural and engineering sciences together with other girls and to try out their own skills in a practical way. Numerous members of the academic community at the TU answer questions during their events. This day also serves to make the teaching staff more aware of questions of equal opportunities for women.

The Adventure of College

The “Adventure of College” Summer School is a supra-regional offer of the TU and FH (technical college) Kaiserslautern. During the one week holiday courses with overnight accommodations, girls from the ninth and tenth grades can become well acquainted with the natural and engineering sciences. This workshop offer is supplemented by an attractive leisure time programme.

Ada-Lovelace Project

The Ada-Lovelace Project relies on role models. Thus women students enrolled in studies of technology or the natural sciences and young women in technical vocational training inform interested school girls and use concrete assignments in workshops and work groups to help the school girls develop their self-confidence in dealing with technology and the natural science.

In addition to this work with the school girls themselves, the Ada-Lovelace project would also like to reach parents and teachers in a broadly defined public relations programme.