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A glimpse into day to day life at the TU

The many special days at the TU offer students of various age groups the opportunity not only to inform themselves of the subjects offered at the TU but also to gather their first practical experience in these areas of learning together with students and TU staff members and test their own capabilities. There are also special project days designed to facilitate access of girls and young women to courses of study and occupations in the areas of technology and the natural sciences.

College studies before graduation from high school

Anyone who wants to gather experience at college during the last years of high school can visit lectures to get a taste of studying at college or even register for early studies. The examinations that are passed during this time can be credited to subsequent full time studies, thus shortening the time required.

Vocational training at TU Kaiserslautern

TU Kaiserslautern does not only offer interesting options for a college degree, but also a number of various vocational courses.  Everyone will find a job profile of interest to him or her in this large selection of industrial, technical, administrative and commercial job profiles ranging from instruction materials inspector to specialists for media and informational services.