Required documentation

To insure your application is processed quickly, it is important that you remember to include all required documents with your application for admission.

What documents you need to include depends on whether you are applying for an open or a limited enrollment programme. Additional documentation is required if you are transferring from another institute of higher learning. All documents must be submitted in the correct format.

Open enrollment programmes
Limited enrollment programmes
University transfers
Form of documentation

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Open enrollment programmes

Enclose the following documents in the specified formats with your application:

  • University entrance qualification (certification of graduation, diplomas, final transcript, preliminary exams from a technical college, certificates from courses completed at the university level and state exams, etc.)
  • Certificate of health insurance (see related notes in this instruction)
  • Postal stamp worth 1.45 euros.
  • Signed request for enrollment with passport photo

If applying for the teacher training programme in the field of sports (vocational schools), certificates of completion for qualifying exams are absolutely necessary.

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Limited enrollment degree programmes

In addition to the above mentioned documents required for the application to the open enrollment courses, the following documents are required for the limited enrollment programmes:

  • Certificates (if available) issued by the responsible officials for completing military or civic service, development aid or social worker service or, if service is currently ongoing, not later than April 30th, for the summer semester and October 31st for the winter semester.
  • Documentation for any previous enrollment in a limited enrollment programme at TU Kaiserslautern.
  • Certificates (if available) issued by a doctor indicating the time you looked after or cared for a child under 18 years of age or special needs person.
  • Certificates (if available) that indicate the completion of a professional training course (other than university level) before or after earning the university entrance qualification or that confirm at least three consecutive years of professional experience.

If applying for the teacher training programme in the field of sports, certificates of completion for the qualifying exams are absolutely necessary.

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University transfer students

In addition to the documents listed above, applicants who have previously attended another university must submit the following educational credentials:

  • Certification by the responsible examination office of TU Kaiserslautern of previously earned course credits (only if applying for a higher semester).
  • Certificate of ex matriculation from the previous school or the current certificate of matriculation.
  • Statement of the student account if you were registered at a university in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

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Document formats

All documents must be submitted as an officially certified duplicate or a photo copy.
The copy can be made and certified by any public office empowered to use an official seal or a notary. Official certifications may be performed, in particular, by the offices of the mayor, district manager, municipal, county, city government administrations, police precincts, police headquarters, police departments, regional administrations, directors and presidents of the court.

The authentication must include:

  • An accurate description of the original document for which the copy is being certified.
  • A statement that the certified duplicate or photo copy is identical to the original document presented,
  • A comment stating that the certified duplicate or photo copy is now being issued solely for submittal to the specified public office because the original was not issued by a public official.
  • The place and date of certification, the signature of the person responsible for certification, and the official seal.

Attention: Each separate page of the document (e.g., your university entrance qualification) must be officially certified. This can be avoided by using the so called "corner fold method" of certification. This requires all pages to be placed on top of each other, folded over at one corner and stapled together in such way that seal is visible on each of the folded corners.

DO NOT send originals! Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the safe storage and return of originals processed in the large volume of documents each semester at TU Kaiserslautern.

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