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Online application with a foreign entrance qualifications

The online application process facilitates and speeds up the processing of your application. Take advantage of our online application!

The online application may also be used to enroll in German classes as a student. It is important that you select the degree program that you prefer for your future studies.

After completing an online application, you can print a signature copy to submit to the university. Send the signed application form with any required documentation to TU Kaiserslautern. At the bottom of the online application form, enter the titles of any additional documents enclosed with the application and the address where the application is to be delivered.

Ensure that you meet the deadline for a timely application. Your written application for admission must be received at TU Kaiserslautern before this date.

Access to the online application

The online application function is released starting in May for the winter semester and in November for the summer semester. Click here for access to the online application:

Computer to click on and open the online application