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What are the application procedures?

The first step in your application process is to fill out an application, which you can

  1. complete online, print, and
  2. send, together with the required documentation,

via postal service or deliver in person TU Kaiserslautern prior to the application deadline.

What is the earliest date I can apply?
Mail or hand-carry?
Requests for additional support (aid request)
Application processing
When will I be notified?
Class start dates

If unable to complete the online application, simply download the form, print and complete it, and then send it to us along with the appropriate documents via postal service or deliver it to us in person.

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When can I apply?

Applications must be received at TU Kaiserslautern before the end of the application period (see application deadlines).

Submit your application early in the period and don't wait until the last minute. This applies especially to the limited enrollment programmes. TU Kaiserslautern makes an effort to notify all applicants prior to the deadline if there is a problem with their application (e.g., no graduation certificate, no course of study named, not signed) that could be grounds for a rejection of the application. The timely identification of deficits gives you enough time to correct the problem before the deadline arrives.

The application period for a winter semester starts at the beginning of May; for a summer semester in early/mid December.

Applicants who graduate early Abitur (especially those from Rhineland-Palatinate) are also expected to comply with the application deadlines and must provide TU Kaiserslautern with an officially certified copy of the graduation certificate not later than the fourth working day in April.

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Mail or hand-carry?

Applications may be submitted in the following ways:

Mail to:

TU Kaiserslautern
Office of Student Affairs
Post box 3049
67653 Kaiserslautern

Deliver in person to SSC:

StudentServicesCenter (SSC)
Bldg. 47, ground floor
67663 Kaiserslautern

Hours of operation:
9:00 am - 4:30 pm (Mo-Th)
9:00 am - 1:00 pm (Fr)

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Entering several study preferences

At TU Kaiserslautern, one application is sufficient for admission.
If you meet the prerequisites for admission to a university (e.g., Abitur) and submit your complete application correctly and in a timely manner, you will receive a letter of acceptance for the open enrollment programmes. There is no need to state an alternate study programme as a preference. In the event you are having difficulty making a decision about which course of study to pursue, the course advisors can assist you in making the right choice.

If you do enter more than one study preference, the choice entered in the first position or, the first subject combination listed is considered as your primary preference.

However, in the case of limited enrollment programmes, it is not certain you that will be assigned a study place. We recommend you specify one or more alternative preferences in this situation. Naming one open enrollment programme as an alternate preference is sufficient, as you are sure to be accepted in this one if all prerequisites are satisfied.

Always enter a complete subject combination for each alternate selection if you apply for the professional teacher training programme.

Your first preference (primary application) is always used for the initial selection process. However, if this combination is not available, the alternate preference you enter will be considered as the selection process continues. If you submit multiple applications, whether for open enrollment or for a limited enrollment programme, only the last application received before the deadline for submissions is considered for admission.

Any petitions in cases of special hardship must be submitted with the application for admission.

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Application processing

After your written application has been received, all submitted documents will be reviewed.

No notification of receipt is sent to you. If you are uncertain about the status of your application, you may inquire at the SSC a short time after submission.

You will be informed of the need to submit any documentation that may be missing in the case of an acceptance for admission at a later time. If you are informed of missing documentation that you are certain was enclosed with your application, it is possible that the document was not properly certified or perhaps the right authentication signature is missing (e.g., a declaration of exemption for public health insurance by a private health insurer). The SSC can provide clarification to you.

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When will I be notified?

In the case of applications for limited enrollment courses, the earliest an answer can be expected is sometime after the deadline for applications has expired. TU Kaiserslautern coordinates the time of notification with other universities, so that applicants have enough time to decide in case they have also applied to other universities.

The time schedule of hochschulstart.de can be found here.

Letters of acceptance following the allocation process for study places for the winter semester can be expected at the end of July/early August. In the case of a late acceptance as a result of the respective waiting list procedure, the notifications are sent at a later time. It is difficult to name a specific time period in which to expect the results for the summer semester because of the special case of early graduations (the Abitur certificates may be still be submitted until the end of April).

IMPORTANT: If you are accepted for admission to a limited enrollment programme, a social fee must be paid within a specified time period as your acknowledgment that you accept the enrollment. Failure to meet this payment deadline will result in the loss of your study place. Make certain that you receive the letter of acceptance! If you plan to be away for a long period, you should empower another person to make the required payment for you so you do not miss the deadline.

If you submit your complete application correctly and in a timely manner and meet the prerequisites for admission to a university and your course preference is one of the open enrollment programmes, you will receive a letter of acceptance. TU Kaiserslautern sends the results of applications for open enrollment programmes as soon as possible, in several stages as the application period is ongoing, to applicants who have applied up to that date.

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At TU Kaiserslautern, you do not have to be present in order to register. This requires  

  • Your letter of acceptance,
  • Submission of all required documents, and
  • Payment of the social contribution.

You can inquire about the status of your registration at the SSC.

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Class start dates

You will receive an information booklet for first semester students with your letter of acceptance. It includes important information concerning the start of your courses and, especially, the dates of scheduled orientation activities.

Visit one of the orientation events!

This is where you can get to know your fellow students because soon you will be forming work groups and study groups with them. You also get an overview of your degree program, class schedules, and the exam requirements. The orientation activities are sponsored by the student organizations of the various faculties and provide insights into the efforts and activities of the organization.

Student organizations were formed in the faculties to act on behalf of the students and represent their interests in university affairs. The student organizations of each faculty are there to assist with important matters throughout your entire course of study.

The math-prep course is also very important: Most degree programs at TU Kaiserslautern demand excellent math skills right from the start of the course. The aim of the math-prep course is to develop your knowledge of mathematics to the level necessary for the classes. This preparatory class is offered free of charge. More information about the class is provided in the information booklet and online at: Link.

Course start-up information is also provided on our homepage under the menu item "While enrolled:  Information for first semester students.

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