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To study at a university, you need an appropriate qualification:

a higher education entrance qualification (HZB)

For certain degree programmes you have to fulfil additional admission requirements, such as special language skills, aptitude tests, etc.

The DISC's  continuing distance education programmes and the International Master & PhD Programmes at the ISGS  are also subject to such special admission requirements.

Click here for an overview of the  degree programmes.

With a degree from a university of applied sciences, you have the access to a university.


You are eligible to study in a related degree programme at a university in Rhineland-Palatinate, if you have achieved 90 credit points (CP) in a Bachelor's degree programme at a University of Applied Sciences in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Other states

If you have provided achievments at a university of applied sciences in another federal state, then the state law is decisive for you, in there the transfer from a university of applied sciences to a university is regulated for the corresponding federal state.

Other regulations apply to achievements in a diploma degree programme.
The legal regulations for these statements can be found in the Higher Education Act of the Land Rhineland-Palatinate, there § 33

Higher education entrance qualification

Your higher education entrance qualification (HZB) is a prerequisite for studying at TUK. However, the German Abitur or a comparable educational qualification is only one of several possibilities to qualify for a degree programme.

Some schools obtain a subject-specific higher education entrance qualification, which entitles students to study only certain fields of study.

The higher education entrance qualification restricted to a specific field of study entitles the holder to study at a Fachhochschule  [university of applied sciences].

Under certain conditions, it is also possible to study without a higher education entrance qualification [German Abitur].

Foreign educational certificates must be equivalent to the German Abitur in order to be recognised as a higher education entrance qualification (HZB). A prior certificate evaluation fee shall be paid for the verification.
All applicants whose foreign HZB does not provide direct access must take the assessment test. TUK does not offer such assessment tests. Please visit to find the contact details of the German Studienkollegs.

Please schedule the submission of your application in good time
so that the examination of your certificates can take place sufficiently early. This is also important if you have to apply for a visa to study in Germany.
Additional requirements for China, Vietnam and Mongolia:

Applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia must enclose the certificate (in the original) of the Academic Evaluation Centre of the respective German Embassy with their application for admission. Unfortunately, applications without this certificate cannot be processed.

The address of the Academic Evaluation Centre is:


According to the Special List of Fees (RLP), TUK is obliged to charge fees for the evaluation of foreign certificates.
Excluded from this are:

  • Exchange students, e.g. from partner schools or within the framework of the ERASMUS programme

All other foreign applicants must pay the certificate evaluation fee in the amount if EUR 50.00 for such evaluation. 
You will receive a separate request for payment specifying the bank details and the intended purpose. Early payment is not possible.

Procedure of the application process

The application form has to be completed  online, printed out and sent to TUK by post or handed in personally with the required documents within the application period.

For applicants with German educational qualifications or as a German

The application period starts for a winter Semester in the middle of May, for a summer Semester in the middle of December.
Please submit your application for application early and not at the end of the application deadline. The TU Kaiserslautern endeavors to inform you before the application deadline, whether your application contains errors that could lead to the exclusion from the admission procedure. Errors recognized in good time can be corrected by you before the application deadline.

Applicants with an early-High-School (especially from Rhineland-Palatinate) must also comply with the application deadlines and submit a certified copy of the High School diploma at the latest by the fourth working day in April at TU Kaiserslautern.

Your application must be received by the end of the application period at the TU Kaiserslautern, see deadlines + Dates.

Address for mailing

TU Kaiserslautern
PO Box 3049
67653 Kaiserslautern

Personal delivery in the SSC

Student Service Center (SSC)
Building 47, ground floor
67663 Kaiserslautern

Opening hours:
9:00 - 16:30 (Mondays-Thursdays)
9:00 - 13:00 (Fridays)

Even if there are several study wishes, it is sufficient to submit one application.
In the event that you have specified several wishes, the first-named study programme or the first-mentioned study combination is the main application.

In the case of admission to a free-courses of study, you will receive a place if you meet the requirements for university studies and if you apply in due form and on time. The specification of a second study is not necessary.


Study places in restricted admission courses (on-campus study degree programmes):

The places in the admission-restricted degree programmes in on-campus study degree programmes are awarded in the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure (DoSV) in cooperation with the Foundation for Admission to Higher Education (SfH). As it is not safe in admission-restricted degree programmes, whether you will receive a study place, you can apply for a free-admission study course directly at the TU Kaiserslautern at the same time. For the application for a free-admission study programme (alternative request), an e-mail to studsek-kl(at) will be sufficient in this case, stating the desired course of study and degree. This type of application for an alternative request is only possible, if you have already applied via the SfH portal and the TU Kaiserslautern has your printed DoSV application form and the required supporting documents.
It is sufficient to specify one free-admission study course, because you will receive this study place if you meet the requirements.

In the case of teacher training courses, a complete combination of subjects must always be stated anew in the alternative request. 
In the selection process, the first request for a study (main application) will be decided first. If this is not possible, your alternative request will be considered.

If you have submitted more than one application, only the last application received by the deadline will be considered when applying for admission-free or restricted degree programmes.
Please also note that hardship applications must already be submitted with the application.

Upon receipt of your written application, your documents will be checked. You will not receive an acknowledgment of receipt.

If any documents are missing, you will be informed accordingly in the event of a commitment, so that you can submit them later. If you are told that documents are missing which you are sure you have already attached, it is possible that the documents have not been certified correctly or that the correct certificate may not be available (e.g. declaration of exemption of a statutory health insurance with private health insurance).

In the case of applications for admission-restricted degree programmes, a reply can be expected at the earliest after the application deadline.
You can view the schedule of for admission-restricted degree programmes in on-campus degree programmes here.

Letter of admission for the winter semester can therefore be sent from the end of July / beginning of August. The decisions for the respective clearing procedure will be communicated at a later date. In the summer semester, you can expect an answer from the beginning of February.

Important: If you are admitted to a restricted-admission programme, you must declare acceptance of the place of study by paying the social contribution within the periods specified therein. If you miss this deadline, you lose your place of study. Make sure that the admission notice reaches you! In case of prolonged absence, you should instruct another person to make the required payment on time.

At the TU Kaiserslautern it is possible to register without appearing in person. You have to
• receive an authorization,
• submitted all necessary documents and
• have paid the social contribution.

With an admission, you will receive an information booklet for beginning of studies. In it you will find important information for your start of studies and in particular the dates for the introductory events. In these events you will get to know your fellow students, get an overview of the structure of your studies, the timetable and the necessary exams. At the same time you get an insight into the work and task of a student council. Student councils are student organizations in which the students of a department represent their interests in the university.

The maths course  is also very important: in most of the degree programmess at the TU Kaiserslautern, good math skills are required at the beginning of the course. The math preparatory course has the goal of developing the necessary mathematical knowledge for the courses. The pre-course is offered free of charge.


Here some information for first-semester-students.

For applicants foreign qualifications

It is necessary for you to prove your knowledge of German  if you wish to apply for a German-language degree programme.

It is not possible to apply directly for a German course   or to attend a Studienkolleg. At TUK, you can only apply for one degree course.

You can apply to TUK from May (winter semester) or from early/mid December (summer semester). Please apply as early as possible!

You have to submit your documents and the application form in writing.

Your application has to be received by TUK by the end of the application deadline.

Please remember that your certificates need to be checked and evaluated. You will therefore be asked to pay the certificate evaluation fee. Upon receipt of payment, your certificates will be evaluated.

Following the assessment and evaluation of your certificates, you will receive a decision as to whether or not you have been admitted to the degree programme.

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