Guest Auditing

A series of lectures, seminars, and practical exercises from the courses offered by each department is open to all students as well as outside guests. In order to attend these events, guests are required to show a guest student pass, which clearly indicates what event will be attended.

The event schedule can be viewed in the KIS online course descriptions (click on the semester in the left menu bar). The schedules also include special events for the "Senior Studies" or "Studium Integral" programmes.

Prerequisites for guest auditing

The applications for guest student passes can be requested by anyone who wants to further their knowledge of a certain subject area and already has a basic understanding of the lecture material. The applications must be submitted to the office of student affairs at the start of the respective semester.

Guests may attend the desired course on the condition that an adequate number of seats are available. Full time students naturally have priority placement.

The approved application as a guest participant entitles the guest to attend specified classes for the entire semester. A guest pass will be issued as student identification. The guest pass is only valid for entry to the classes listed on the pass.

Classes attended as a guest student are not governed by the examination and graduation regulations. Guest students are not generally permitted to take exams. Only a certificate of attendance can be issued for these registered courses.

Guest participants are subject to the following tuition fees:

  • Courses up to 4 semester hours - 140 euros
  • Courses up to 8 semester hours - 240 euros
  • Courses greater than 9 semester hours - 300 euros

Guests will be sent a tuition payment request with pre-entered bank transfer data.


Application for Guest Auditing



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