Applying for a master´s degree programme

The prerequisites and documents required for the master's programme may vary depending on the programme.

The key requirement for entering a master's programme is a university degree. Some master's programmes may also have additional requirements for admission.

More information about the prerequisites, formalities, content, and examinations is provided in the respective programme's examination policy.

Some master's programmes are subject to limited enrollment. This means the programme is restricted to a certain number of students and an allocation procedure is necessary when there are more applicants than student places available.

Check the overview of courses to learn whether the programme you desire has open admissions or is one that is subject to the allocation procedure.

Dual enrollment

Under some circumstances, it is possible to sign up for a master's degree programme before the end of the bachelor programme. This procedure is called dual enrollment and is always restricted to just one transition semester. Contact the central office of examination affairs or the examination office in the department of mathematics to learn more about what prerequisites apply for your programme.

Online application

Follow the same application procedures as those applying for the Bachelor Programmes, German Diplom, and State Exams. The same application deadlines and supporting document submission requirements also apply.

Applicants from another country who have earned a German bachelor degree but have foreign school transcripts should follow the procedures for applying with foreign entrance qualifications.

Online application

If you have earned your bachelor degree at TU Kaiserslautern and you want to continue your education in a master's programme, you are required to  choose a different subject area. Your application should include the documents listed above.

International master's programmes

The international master's programmes at TU Kaiserslautern are supported by the  International School for Graduate Studies (ISGS). All necessary information is available to you there.

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