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What academic degree do you have?

The university entrance qualification (proof of graduation that qualifies you to study at the university level) is differentiated between German and foreign educational degrees.

Information about the various qualifying academic degrees and an explanation of the review process for transcripts from other countries is provided at the links below:

German degrees
Foreign degrees

German degrees

A high school diploma (Abiturzeugnis) from a state or state-recognized Gymnasium is normally sufficient to gain admission to study at TU Kaiserslautern. There are several equivalent university entrance qualifications from other gymnasium-type schools that are also accepted, for example, a certificate of graduation (Reifezeugnis) from a state or state-recognized night school or a Rudolf Steiner school ("Waldorf").

Some schools issue a professional certification or subject-specific diploma, which entitles you to pursue only one particular discipline of study. This discipline must be clearly stated in the diploma or in an attachment to the diploma.

Other entrance qualifications may include the certificate of graduation equivalence for non-enrolled students and the university entrance exam (DSH or DaF). The qualification to attend an advanced technical college is authorization to study at the university of applied sciences. Courses completed at a university of applied sciences can then be used to gain full admission to a university (more information here).

The state of Rhineland-Palatinate, under certain conditions, will grant admission to non-graduates (no secondary school diploma)

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Foreign degrees

Foreign educational certificates such as a school report card must be equivalent to the German abitur if they are to be recognized as a university entrance qualification. TU Kaiserslautern evaluates the documents submitted with your application. A fee must be paid in advance for this document review.

Decisions regarding the evaluation of certificates are made by the university according to federal evaluation standards. The results are sent to you immediately after the review of the documents.

In case the evaluation determines an educational certificate is not equivalent, a further examination is performed to determine whether enrollment in preparatory courses in German (Studienkolleg) is an option. Once enrolled in the preparatory courses, a so called assessment test can be taken to demonstrate the candidate's aptitude for university level studies. The enrollment in preparatory courses in German requires a recommendation by a participating university. You cannot apply directly for enrollment in preparatory courses at German universities.

Remember to plan ahead for the timely submission of your application to allow adequate time for the processing of your payment of the evaluation fee and the assessment of your qualifications. A timely application affords TU Kaiserslautern the opportunity to notify you prior to the end of the application period to request any missing documentation. Besides, an early evaluation and acceptance is important, especially if you must apply for a visa to study in Germany.

Additional requirements for China, Vietnam, and Mongolia:
Applicants from China, Vietnam, and Mongolia are required to enclose the certificate (original) from the Academic Evaluation Center at the respective German Embassy with their application for admission to TU Kaiserslautern. Applications lacking this certificate will not be considered.

Addresses of the Academic Evaluation Centers:

Landmark Tower 2 Office 0311, 8 North Dongsanhuan Road, Chaoyang District, 1004 Beijing
The Academic Evaluation Center can be reached for information and requests for application forms at the following telephone numbers:
Phone: 010 6590 7138
Fax: 010 6590 7140

German Embassy Ulan Bator, APS
P.O.Box 708, Ulan Bator 15160, Mongolia
Phone: +976 9922 5839
Fax: +976 1132 3905

German Embassy in Hanoi, APS
29 Tran Phu, Q. Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Phone: +844 3845 3836/7 und 3843 0245/9
Fax: +844 3843 9969

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