Scholarship for studies

  • DAAD funding organisation
  • Purpose Graduation funding
  • Target group Foreign students
  • Description The primary objective of degree funding is to provide financial support to foreign students and doctoral candidates who have run into difficulties through no fault of their own, so that they can concentrate on their studies and degree.
  • Prerequisites for funding are that the students and doctoral students have performed well and have at least 25 credit points per semester and that a successful degree is expected within one year.
  • Duration and funding amount The scholarship can be awarded for a maximum of ten months. Students without BA/VD EUR 400.00, students with BA/VD EUR 500.00, doctoral students up to EUR 800.00
  • Application  The application is made via the online application for a scholarship. You will find the link in the RHRK circular e-mail. Further information can be obtained from the BAföG and Scholarships Department and in the application notes.
  • Application period for the first half year (01.01.-30.06.) ends in December and the second half year (01.07.-31.12.) end in May. The deadlines are published via the RHRK circular e-mail.
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