Distance study (DISC)

Instalment payment - Tuition fee


The social contribution must still be paid within the enrolment or re-registration period !
An agreement for payment by instalments only refers to the tuition fee!

Information on payment by instalments

Who ?for summer semester
(1st April - 30 Sept.)
for Winter semester
(1st Oct. - 31 March)
Beginning students15 March15 September
Enrolled students10 December10 May
              (Receipt at the TUK is decisive!)

Please send the application form via postal mail or via PDF to the  Subdivision Distance Student Affairs:

TU Kaiserslautern
Abteilung für Fernstudienangelegenheiten
Gottlieb-Daimler-Str, Gebäude 47
67663 Kaiserslautern
Telefon: 0631-205-5252
Fax: 0631-205-3311
E-Mail: fernstudium(at)uni-kl.de

After successful application you will receive a "payment by instalments" agreement for countersignature. By doing so, you declare your acceptance of the conditions. Send the signed application back (by post or PDF) within the period stated there.

If you do not agree with the agreement, the tuition fee is due immediately and in full.
If you have an instalment payment agreement, you have to use an own bank account to pay the instalments.

In case of default of payment of the installments you will receive a reminder. If the instalments are not paid, you will be de-registered at the end of the semester.

Only after full payment of the installments, i.e. when the total amount has been received, you will be re-registered for the next semester. Only then you will receive your student ID card by postal mail.

After receipt of the first instalment, the access data for the study material will be activated for the learning platform.

You will be offered 3 instalments:

Who ?For summer Semester
(1st April - 30 Sept.)
For Winter semester
(1st Oct. - 31 March)
Beginning students

31 March
15 April
15 May

30 September
15 October
15 November
Enrolled students

10 January
10 February
10 March

10 June
10 July
10 August

(Receipt of payment at the TUK is decisive)
Please note that the amount must have been received and that value dates for transfers can sometimes take several days.


TUK does not issue a receipt or invoice for the (paid) fees.

For tax office

The obligation to present documents to the tax office has been dropped, so that you do not have to submit any proof. The obligation to present documents applies.

Only in cases of doubt you have to submit documents (admission or matriculation notification / data sheet with transfer form) to the tax office upon request by the tax office. You are required to keep the respective documents.

For employer

Please make sure that the correct purpose is stated so that the tuition fee can be allocated correctly. To do this, you can submit the notification of admission or matriculation / the data sheet with transfer form to the employer.

As a rule, it is not possible to issue invoices and certificates of payment in the name of the employer, since students are the debtors of fees to the TUK. Arrangements with the employer are the responsibility of the students. In exceptional cases, an application may be made to have the certificates issued in the name of the employer. For this purpose, please contact your contact persons in the respective study programs at the DISC.

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