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Teacher training at University of Kaiserslautern

TU Kaiserslautern offers various teacher training programmes and teaching subjects. The teacher training programme is structured in three levels. The teacher programme offers courses in two teaching subjects and the educational sciences. The courses prepare students who one day hope to teach at the Gymnasium, Realschulen plus, or vocational school level. Starting as early as the first semester, a student teaching requirement develops a practical relationship to the future professional career field.

Detailed information about the teacher training programme is available at the  Zentrum für Lehrerbildung (ZfL).

The ZfL is responsible for:

  • Overall coordination of the teacher training programmes
  • Coordination between practical application and university components
  • Guidance counseling for general questions about the teaching career
  • Aptitude assessments
  • Research and development projects in the area of teacher training

More information:

Information about combining subject areas:
Subject combinations

Specific counseling for the respective departments:
Course guidance

Exam administration (e.g., registration and withdrawl from the University):
Office of Examination Affairs