The eCampus offers online services and functions at TU Kaiserslautern. An overview of these services with links to further information is provided below:

TU Kaiserslautern strongly supports online courses and learning. At eLearning you can find links to information about eLearning activities, services and the central learning platforms.

The KIS Office is a kind of course planning tool available to the students which provides the following options:

  • Online planning of course hours
  • Notification of course/event changes
  • Registration for events and language courses (VKB)
  • Search function: Events, persons, organizational units
  • Appointments/calendar
  • E-mail administration
  • Route planner and more

The password for access to the KIS Office is the initial password issued to you with your student chipcard. Use this password to set up your student account. If you encounter problems using your password, you must contact the Service Point or the RHRK Hotline. 

QIS Self help function
Use the following functions in the QIS self help function regardless of your study programme:

  • Print course certificates
  • Change of address
  • Change password
  • Overview of exam schedule
  • Exam registration and withdrawal
  • Grade report

Moreinformation: Instruction for use of QIS

You are issued the initial password for the QIS self help function together with your student chipcard (student ID). It should be changed the first time you login. If you have lost or forgotten your password, you can request a new on at the SSC. Remember to bring your student chipcard to the SSC.

RHRK – Regional University Computing Centre
The regional computing centre (RHRK) is tasked with providing state of the art Information and Communication Technologies. Students can obtain an individual account from the computer centre in order to have access to the services available. Overview of the most important services:

You will be issued the initial password for the RHRK account together with your student chipcard (student ID). If you encounter problems using your password, you must contact the Service Point or the RHRK Hotline. 

• University Llibrary (UB)
Register at the University Library for your own library account. You can login to view a summary of your loans and request an extension on the due dates, if necessary.

From the University Library you have free access to e-Journals and e-Books. To have this access from your residence, you will need to register as a VPN client and connect to the TU Kaiserslautern LAN.

Online mathematics bridge courses
You can participate in an online bridge course in mathematics to improve your knowledge of mathematics prior to beginning your studies.

Babysitter Exchange
The Babysitter Exchange is a joint project of TU Kaiserslautern and FH Kaiserslautern. Register on the exchange if you are seeking a babysitter or you are available to work as a babysitter.

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