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Notification of sickness

There may be an occasion when you are unable to participate in an examination due to illness.
In this case, you will need a medical certificate attesting to the fact that you were incapacitated on the date of the exam. The statement must clearly state the following:

  • Date of medical treatment
  • Period of illness
  • Name and seriousness of illness
  • Doctor's personal seal

The medical certificate (original) must be submitted to the Office of Examination Affairs not later than two week after the exam date. If you are unable to comply, you can send an e-mail (studium[at]uni-kl.de) or a fax (0631 - 205 3532) within the given time period in order to meet the deadline. You can then send or present the original after agreeing to a new date with the responsible staff member.

Important: The medical examination must in principle be held on the examination day at the latest. 

In repeat cases (eg. as when students have again called in sick at the same examination) or other special cases where doubts about the credibility of the certificat exist (eg. medical examination after the day of the examination) further proofs of the illness can be requested.

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