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Registration required for final examination

Participation in final examinations requires an advanced registration. The registration is possible during specified time periods. This is also called the exam registration period (usually, at mid-semester, see link below "registration dates").

You have to participate at a registered examination, otherwise the examination will be evaluated as "failed". The registration will be withdraw if you cancel it within the deadline or approve relevant reasons for your lack of participation.

Therefore ...

  • an examination can not be rated without prior registration.
  • an exam may count as failed if the registration/participation is missing. This may even lead to the loss of the entitlement to take exams in a particular course.

First registration for examinations

First semester students are required to register in person at the Central Office of Examination Affairs to the extent supported by this office. Application forms may be obtained here and must be completed in order to register for the final examinations. Enter your personal data and select the subjects in the form mentioned above to register for the final examinations. You can get more information at your authorized Examination Office.

Following registration for examinations

Starting with the second semester (per programme), final examination registrations may be completed online via the QIS (self-help function). Please check what exams you need to register for every term. You can look up this information in your examination rules.

At the end of the registration period you can check whether you are properly registered for the final examinations by using the QIS self-help function. If you have a problem registering, contact the responsible staff member at the Office of Examination Affairs.

Use the QIS Self Help function to check whether you are properly registered for the examinations.

Important: Information about the registration period is updated every semester.

More information at a glance

Registration dates (this semester/next semester)
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