Leaves of absence

In the event that a student is unable to attend the classes required for their course of study during the semester, there are provisions that make a leave of absence possible under extenuating circumstances. During a leave of absence, the enrollment is on a hold status so that no disadvantage ensues due to class absence (e.g., missing a required examination).

Major reasons for a leave of absence:

  • A long term illness, which prevents the proper academic study during the respective semester,
  • The need to care for a close relative, which demands the physical presence and a preponderance of the student's time,
  • Maternity and parental leave,
  • Performance of official duties according to Article 12a, paras 1 and 2 of the Federal Constitution,
  • Studies abroad or participating in practical activities abroad to further the aims of your programme.

A leave of absence may be requested within the re-registration period (informal request or form). As a general rule, it can be granted for no longer than two consecutive semesters. A leave of absence cannot be granted for the semester that has just ended.

You are required to present the appropriate documentation to verify your request.

In case a leave of absence is taken over the course of your studies, not only the number of study semesters, but also the length of the leave of absence will appear on your graduation certificates.

It is necessary to re-register even with a leave of absence, which means you must pay the social fee. The tuition, on the other hand, must not be paid.

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