Changing your subject area

In some cases, you may want to choose a new major or make a change in the major or minor subjects you are taking, or for example, add a second degree programme (dual degree).

To accomplish any of these, you are required to submit the appropriate form during the application period. These forms and detailed counseling may be obtained at the SSC.

If you desire to study a limitted enrollment programme in the 1st semester, please apply via Information can be found here.

All changes require a review of your course and exam grades to date. This audit is initiated at TU Kaiserslautern by the Office of Examination Affairs as soon as you submit the appropriate documents (transcripts/course performance). Information about who you will need to contact is provided on the homepage for examination policy.

Course changes to a higher semester of a limited enrollment programme are possible only if there are vacancies in the higher semester of the programme you desire and the grades you have achieved are recognized by the department as suitable for the higher semester. In addition to the change request form and the audit of current course performance, you must also submit an officially certified copy of your university entrance qualification (e.g., abitur). 

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