Internships prior to enrollment

Depending on your choice of a major, you may have to complete an internship of several weeks at a firm outside of the university during the first semester or later in your programme, generally during the semester break. 

We recommend that you perform at least a partial, basic internship prior to starting your studies. You will find that the lecture-free periods are often taken up with performing practical exercises and seminar work as well as in preparing for examinations and perhaps additional internships.

Internships are governed by the legal framework provided by the applicable examination policy.

The internship policy addresses the details about the objectives and timetables, the performance, and reporting requirements. Obtain a copy of the internship policy from the internship office or the web pages of your department.

Pre-study internship

The completion of an internship is a mandatory prerequisite for admission respectively enrollment in following courses at TU Kaiserslautern:

  • Architecture (2-month internship in the construction sector)
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