If already enrolled and you desire to continue your programme at TU Kaiserslautern, you can simply re-register for the next semester.

The student service contribution and tuition fees (if required) must be paid prior to the re-registration deadline.

You must also re-register after submitting applications for subject changes or a leave of absence.

For your convenience, a bank transfer form stating the amount due will be sent to you well in advance of the re-registration period. The timely transfer of the amount due guarantees your study place will be available to you for the next semester.

ATTENTION: There is an additional late fee of 21.00 euros due if you fail to register within the re-registration period.

Please use the bank transfer form sent to you to pay your student service contribution. In this way, the purpose of the payment is sure to be correct and legible, which insures an accurate receipt transaction.

At the end of the deadline you are considered to have re-registered after receipt of this payment and you can validate your chipcard, i.e., update your status. The validity line at the bottom of the card shows the current and following semesters.

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