Withdrawing from the University

Your enrollment at TU Kaiserslautern can be terminated by withdrawal (rescind your registration).

Students who  want to prematurely end their studies will be automatically (ex officio) withdrawal by TU Kaiserslautern at the end of the semester, for failure to pay the social fee for re-registration.

Withdrawal can be requested during the semester by you yourself or by someone appointed by power of attorney to represent you. You can request a specific date of withdrawal at that time. If no other date is specified, the effective date of withdrawal is the end of the semester.

Attention: There can be no retroactive withdrawal.

If you decide that your withdrawal is necessary, you can obtain the required information and the application form at the SSC during normal operating hours.

IMPORTANT: Withdrawal requires that you turn in your student chipcard.

We recommend completing the withdrawal in the morning. In order to withdrawal, you will need to obtain several documents from various facilities on campus (e.g., faculty/dean's office, library, student services). More information and the withdrawal request forms are available at the SSC.



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