De-registration from examinations

You can de-register from the examination within the specified de-registration period without giving reasons (according to examination regulations).

Please note:

  • Compliance with the de-registration deadline (see "Deadlines for de-registration")
  • Examination de-registration is usually carried out via the QIS (self-service function).
  • In the case of repetitions/problems with the QIS, you may also de-register in person or in writing (post/e-mail) to the Examination Office. Here you will find the corresponding
  • withdrawal form.

Important: If it is not possible to de-register in QIS or an error message is displayed, please contact the Examination Office immediately. If you receive error messages, please send us screenshots as proof of the fault.

Deadlines for de-registration

- Civil Engineering (Diploma)

- Computer Science in Applications (Bachelor/Master)

- Architecture (Diploma)

- Civil Engineering (Bachelor)

- Biochemical and Chemical Engineering Sciences (Bachelor/Master)

- Biology (Master)

- Biowissenschaften (Bachelor)

- Business Studies (Bachelor/Master)

- Business Studies with Technical Qualification (Bachelor/Master)

- Chemistry (Bachelor/Master/Diploma)

- Chemistry with a focus on economics (Bachelor)

- Cognitive Science (Master)

- Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering (Bachelor/Master/Diploma)

- Facility Management (Bachelor)

- Computer Science (Bachelor/Master)

- Integrated Social Sciences (Bachelor/Master)

- Food Chemistry (Bachelor/Master)

- Mechanical Eingineering (Bachelor/Master)

- Mechanical and Process Engineering (Diploma)

- Regional Engineering (Bachelor)

- Socioinformatics (Bachelor/Master)

- Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung (Master)

- Toxicology (Master)

- Umweltplanung und Recht (Master)

- Business Chemistry (Diploma/Master)

- Business Management and Engineering (Bachelor/Master)

- Teacher training (Bachelor/Master/Zertifikatsstudiengang/Erweiterungsprüfung)

- Biophysics (Diploma)

- Physics (Bachelor/Master/Diploma)

- Technophysics (Bachelor/Master)


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